Poignee, technical sponsor of the Nephilim exhibition at the Marino Marini Museum on October, 3rd 2019

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Poignee is technical sponsor of the Nephilim exhibition of artist Yuval Avital at the Marino Marini Museum on October, 3rd 2019.

A multitude of masks, a choir created by the mind of the artist Yuval Avital and made from the hands of 24 Tuscan artisans. As in the Renaissance, the workshops are again in the service of the maieutic artist. In this dialogue artist-craftsman, our company worked alongside the artist and the Museum creating the sixty-two states that will support the works. Even in the realization of the supports, our craftsmanship and expertise has been put at the service of art and each stand has been conceived, developed and produced starting from the needs and peculiarities of each work. Customization and tailoring are the stylistic figures of our know-how.

In detail each structure is composed of a mask supported by a metal base, designed to be an elementary and almost tribal form, within which is placed a refined and innovative acoustic device from which the sounds are emitted, a research that the artist strongly wanted to undertake involving the Tuscan and Florentine territory and its citizens, bringing them inside the museum.


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