Made to measure and personalized objects
In any material

Fabrique Creative

This is the place of creativity understood as that faculty that blends imagination and vision, with invention, function, and production.
A contemporary space where past and future meet to create something unlikely and where every day experimentation, diversification, quality research, and problem solving challenge come to life.


Nothing like a classic hardware shop. Poignee Boutique is a retail store in the centre of Rome where anyone in search of an object or a home accessory is taken aback by the richness, beauty and originality of its wide range of all customizable pieces displayed there.


Our approach to artisanal work. Through digital manufacturing we focus on different elements, such as variety and customization, certain that within this framework we will be able to start productive processes that celebrate diversity and custom made products. This is how we reach a wider market with competitive prices becoming ideal partners for architects, designers, design studios and contractors who with us find the solution for their every need.
For example, for 15 years we have been producing Antologhia a line of high quality handles for Colombo Design, a Bergamo company with a worldwide distribution. This production line obviously is based on greater numbers, but this has not meant that the production process has been altered in any way in terms of manual finishings.


On the year of the Jubilee, Poignee – already well known in the home accessories and design sectors – expanded its top quality production by acquiring Domus DEI, a foundry specialized in Sacred Art, firmly believing that the skills and the fifty year long history of both companies could create a productive and artistic centre where some of the best glass, mosaic and restoration experts could create catalogue pieces, or work on privately commissioned projects, or in collaboration with artists.
From sacred to contemporary art, Poignee dedicates an individual brand to art in all its possible expressions.
In our centre artists not only find a foundry, but a highly stimulating and creative space where they can create, shape and study together with our artisan experts the best solutions for allowing their talents to flourish and create original, unique, never before attempted works of art.
And it is precisely because of our privileged relationships with artists that we are able to create small series whose quality, top value and uniqueness place us on a different level compared to others working in this sector. We can process all types of materials and surfaces combining our multiple competences: foundry and artistic glasswork, metal and Plexiglas manufacture, precision mechanics.


An innovative company that by exploiting the potential of e-commerce has launched on the international market a line of products dedicated to sportswear and sports equipment. Functional items for gyms and sports training, but also design items that tell a story of specialized mechanical and precision iron and steel turning, in the field of artistic crafts and interior design.