Transparency and trust
Our bond to our territory

Group philosophy


Italian roots, international approach

Our Group’s identity is defined by the material and immaterial cultural heritage it has developed over more than fifty years of activity. A wealth of experiences, values, and models stemming from the reproduction of original objects, all coexisting and complementing each other in Poignee. We are like a tree with deep roots, that year after year strengthens its trunk, lengthens its branches, and thickens its leaves in order to face the fast-paced “economic changes” of our times, ready to consolidate our presence in emerging markets, also through new acquisitions and international partnerships.


Industrial production and artisan approach

We have always paired our craftsmanship and industrial culture with a tailor-made and bespoke approach for every individual or business customer who turns to Poignee. For us every customer is a challenge and technology alone does not make the difference. Once equipped with the best technology, it is our team’s experience, dedication, passion and problem solving skills that give the final product that level of uniqueness it needs in order to emerge. We like to do things well because that is the only way we know. That is why each of our products encapsulates emotions, resonating with our passion for what we do. Against the background of a global market, we assure an all-Italian made-to-measure production for our customers, counting on all the production technologies available on the market: precision turnery, chisel and foundry work, and mechanical constructions.


Know-how, tradition and ongoing evolution

Thanks to the know-how we have developed during our years of activity (a thousand objects made), to our ability to recognize and foresee market trends, to the constant investments in research and towards the development of new technologies and solutions in every sector of our activity (production, distribution and logistics), today our group is able to meet the needs of an increasingly diversified market. Poignee oversees with care and attention every single step of its production and value chain and directly manages all stages of the supply chain.


Teamwork and well-being

Those who work with us become part of our family: we believe in them and we believe in collaboration because through teamwork we find the best energy to reach our greatest results. This is why we care about and listen to each other, to grow as people and as professionals.

Our Manifesto

1. Our mission is to deliver well-made products and assure an impeccable service.

A “well made” product encapsulates skill, passion, authenticity, customization, know-how and new technologies.

2. Our motto is to do well to feel well.

Because effort, skill, dedication make us happy.

3. Art and beauty is inherent to our know-how.

Over the years, our products have taken on different forms, reflecting the spirit of the time, establishing an open dialogue with art and design.

4. Our relation with what we create and produce continues over time.

Creating, regenerating, reusing, reinventing, restoring are part of our family’s vocabulary.

5. For us work is a value per se, while profit is a means not an end to itself.

Collaboration and solidarity are our key values.

6. For us, being artisans means being entrepreneurs capable of combining tradition and innovation.

We love to experiment and design new products, we look to the future treasuring our knowledge and handing it down from generation to generation forming a bridge connecting us with our past.

7. Our culture is based on an idea of teamwork.

Who leads others inevitably works with others, among others, carrying out the same gestures, sharing the same efforts, enjoying the same satisfaction for the outcome of their common efforts.

8. For us technology is an extraordinary work tool.

At our side, making us stronger and protecting us, not there to alienate or replace us.

9. Our workspace is our “Genius Loci”.

As artisans, we have recognised the spirit of the place, that everyday inspires our know-how.