Poignee Art’s artisan experts supporting Maltese artist Manuel Farrugia in the creation of his statue of Saint John the Baptist.

 In Arte Contemporanea, Poignee Art

Moulding, modelling, retouching wax are processes that led to Manuel Farrugia’s statue of Saint John the Baptist, realized by Poignee Art in fiberglass material. The work has been placed in the Cristo Re church, in the Paola district on the island of Gozo, Malta. The statue, paid for with private funds, is more than 2.5 meters tall. The artist, who personally modelled the sculpture in our Domus Dei artistic foundry was assisted in every phase by our artisan experts.

The result is a sculpture that emanates great emotional strength, each of its folds, details and finishes tell of the magical meeting between artist and artisan, between decorative arts and applied arts, between free artistic expression and wise reflections on the potential of the material. This sculpture makes its powerful voice heard and reveals the hands, the gestures and the minds that shaped it.

This alchemical collaboration has led to further new projects: Manuel Farrugia and our experts will realized many other sacred and secular artistic creations in the future.

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