Poignee selected as Omnide’s partner among the representatives of Made in Italy artisanal excellence.

 In Bespoke

Poignee is among the Italian partners chosen by Omnide to take Italian style and design excellence overseas.

We shall be collaborating with architects Ivan Lazzaroni and Raffaele Oppido to efficiently respond to the increased international demand for high quality design that finds its rationale in the handmade, customized and made to measure.

Omnide, an international and collaborative company, presently located in Amsterdam, London, Mumbai, Nairobi and Rome, aims to develop original and pragmatic ideas through a continuous exchange with its partners in the attempt to improve design quality, using a developmental process so that only the most innovative and feasible ideas are taken into consideration and produced.

We shall be at Omnide’s side to proudly provide solutions to a new generation of technologically advanced artisans who know how to seize the new opportunities of the digital era to expand their creative capacity. Instead of following traditional economies of scale, typical of standard production, we deliver a Made in Italy offer based on a great variety of products and open to customization. We may produce less, but we produce better, paying more attention to the real needs of our customers. We will, therefore, be Omnide’s partner supporting them in the creation of design projects that include architecture, interiors, furniture, product design: wherever there is an Omnide design to develop, Poignee will do it.


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